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Bryn Mooser for Conscious Magazine

A few months ago I photographed Bryn Mooser at Ryot News HQ in Venice, CA. Here are some of the images we shot together:









This was one of the spreads published in Conscious Magazine:



Bryn is one of the co-founders of Ryot News, an online news source that gives the reader the opportunity to take action in the story they are reading. If you’ve ever been reading a news story and thought “what can I do to help?” Ryot can show you exactly what you can do!

Make sure to go check out the whole story on consciousmagazine.co and order your own print or digital copy.

As always, if you guys have any questions about how these images were shot or anything like that, please feel free to ask.

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Tune In

My gorgeous friend Kristen and I went took a little trip to Hollywood Boulevard the other day and I snapped a few shots. Check ’em out:

As always, my good friend and partner in art, David Voorhees, was there to shoot this dope video:

Model: Kristen Leanne

Hair and Makeup: Kristen Leanne

Styling by me

A lot of new work still to come! I hope to keep updating once a week. Next week I will be heading to Hawaii, where I plan to produce a ton of new stuff. I am so excited! While you wait for that, make sure to follow me on twitter, like my page on facebook and follow my tumblr blog so you can share all of your favorite images with your friends!

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Olympic Sized Dreams

We are going to take a quick break from extreme sports to celebrate the world coming together for our greatest sporting event: The Olympics. A while ago I did a little shoot with a couple Olympic hopefuls, check out the shots!

The Olympics are one of my absolute favorite things, so it was an honor to spend an afternoon with a couple of America’s finest athletes.

Also, this year I am crazy stoked and honestly not surprised that one of the girls I grew up playing water polo with, Melissa Seidemann, is absolutely killing it for Team USA. The ladies won in overtime against Australia today to make it to the gold medal game on Thursday against Spain. I cannot wait for the game and I wish them the best of luck.

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