Juvenile Delinquent

A few weeks ago, my buddy Sam skipped school and we went in search of skate spots. Here are the shots:








Model: Sam Slobom with No Ties

The beauty of living in California is that it feels like summer all year long, so I hope these shots bring a little ray of sunshine to you!

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4 thoughts on “Juvenile Delinquent

  1. LB says:

    Sam’s smile is captivating and draw’s the eye first thing; but then I look beyond the smile and the quality of the photos is clear! Nicely done!

  2. A great photo essay! (And we have the same last name.)

  3. rabemacseoin says:

    That sunshine was very much needed here in Michigan!! I love the lightness of your photos, they seem almost dream-like. I have an award for you on my blog, and I hope you’ll accept!

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