X Games Overdose

Hey Guys!

Went out to X Games LA at the beginning of August to take in all of the action for the third year in a row! Here are some of my favorite moments:

080213_xgames_day2_obush_0133Chad Kerley


Mitchell DeJong


Ryan Decenzo

080313_xgames_day3_obush_169Tom Schaar

080213_xgames_day2_obush_0119Simone Barraco

080213_xgames_day2_obush_0985Bucky Lasek


Brian Deegan

080113_xgames_day1_obush_0083Leticia Bufoni

080313_xgames_day3_obush_961_2Chad Kerley and his father after Chad won gold in BMX street


Felipe Gustavo

073113_xgames_practice_obush_500Josh Harrington

080413_xgames_day4_obush_0077Patrik Sandell

080313_xgames_day3_obush_438Torey Pudwill

080313_xgames_day3_obush_925Garrett Reynolds

080213_xgames_day2_obush_0892Bucky Lasek


Garrett Reynolds

080113_xgames_day1_obush_0621Manny Santiago

073113_xgames_practice_obush_548Dakota Roche


Paul Rodriguez

080413_xgames_day4_obush_1154Liam Doran and Patrik Sandell

080113_xgames_day1_obush_0023_2Manny Santiago

073113_xgames_practice_obush_454Paul Rodriguez

080213_xgames_day2_obush_1148Dakota Roche


Simone Barraco

As always, it was an amazing weekend in the Los Angeles sunshine. So exciting and so much fun seeing all of the action first hand. It’s been a busy summer and I have a lot of amazing work coming down the line that I cannot wait to share with all of you!

I will be posting images on twitterfacebook, and tumblr so you can share all of your favorite images with your friends!

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6 thoughts on “X Games Overdose

  1. Hibari says:

    Chad Kerley looks so chill in the first shot, like he knows he’s got the gold in the bag. I love your shot of P-Rod with his body framing the sun. Nice work on all the photos!

  2. Really great action shots and portraits! I really enjoyed looking through these, and your other posts.

  3. teamoflgi says:

    Very beautifull photos and story …

  4. potretbikers says:

    Very amazing….. 😀

  5. crazyex says:

    good photo skills bro

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