The Wait is Over…

Summer X Games 2012 ended a couple weeks ago, so I know all of you adrenaline junkies have been jonesing for a little fix, so let’s get the party started with Moto X!

Moto X riders dropping in to the Enduro X course

Massimo Bianconcini watches Matt Buyten clear 45 feet. 2 feet lower than the new world record of 47 feet cleared by Ronnie Renner. The world record set this year was an amazing ten feet higher than two years ago. I cannot imagine how high they will be flying next year!

Colton Haaker races through the water pit during Enduro X

Robbie Madison practices for speed and style

Edgar Torronteras going nuts during Best Whip

Todd Potter watches Step Up from behind his glorious ‘stache

Javier Villegas killing it during Freestyle

Enjoying Speed and Style from the crowd

Taka Higashino smiles at the crowd watching during Freestyle parctice


Ryan Dungey jumps a log in Enduro X

Edgar Torronteras and Carey Hart face off during Speed and Style

Nate Adams watches Freestyle practice

Clinton Moore lighting up best trick

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2 thoughts on “The Wait is Over…

  1. Hibari says:

    The shot of Massimo Bianconcini really shows how insanely high that Step-Up bar is. It was amazing seeing Buyten and Renner push themselves.

    I also like the shot of ET and Carey Hart. That was a close race.

  2. mhdriver says:

    Yor photographs are awesome, sharp ,good color,and good action.

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