Sleds on Steroids

Shots from Snowmobile Freestyle and Best Trick coming in hot!

Heath Frisby during Snowmobile Freestyle. In best trick, Heath won gold by landing the first front flip ever on a snowmobile.

Justin Hoyer during Best Trick practice. Later in the night Justin attempted the first double backflip in competition, but unfortunately crashed and broke an arm. The trick and the crash are pretty gnarly and you can watch it here.

Heath Frisby during Freestyle, just warming up to kill it in Best Trick.

Justin Hoyer moments before his crash attempting the double backflip.

Caleb Moore waiting to throw down the run that earned him bronze in Freestyle.

Heath Frisby getting some insane air in Freestyle.

Colten Moore was an absolute break out star in Aspen, winning gold in freestyle and silver in best trick.

Colten Moore practicing for Best Trick. Colten and his brother Caleb are from Texas, so it is a little funny that they are both murdering a sport that is completely out of their element.

The snowmobile events are completely nuts to me because it is like motocross, except a sled weighs over twice as much as a bike and between four or five times more than the person riding it! This was the first time I had ever seen either of these events so I was completely blown away. I was going to post these shots last week, but since I didn’t that just means I am going to do two blog posts this week! So check back in for my last X Games post tomorrow with shots from Slopestyle.

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2 thoughts on “Sleds on Steroids

  1. Hibari says:

    The last photo is gorgeous; Colton’s extension is nuts. Just a small correction: Colton has been competing at the X Games since 2010. I think this was the first time he made it to the finals though.

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