Perfect 100

Hey dudes! Shots from Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe in ya eye balls.

Danny Davis at the top of the pipe.

Shaun White practicing for his infamous perfect run.

Shaun White is superhuman force of nature on a snowboard.

Kohei Kudo killing it in practice. Love his face.

Steve Fisher above the crowd.

Luke Mitrani scoping out the pipe.

Louie Vito during practice.

I think Danny Davis and I have the same hair cut.

Killing, slaughtering, throwing down… I don’t know how many ways I can say that Shaun White is a beast and the undisputed king of the pipe.

I wish I had gotten out to more of men’s pipe because it really is the main event of Winter X Games. It is so exciting because all of the athletes are that amazing. If you live in a cave and haven’t seen it, you must watch Shaun’s perfect 100. It is the essence of progression and what the future holds for snowboarding. So exciting.

Two pieces of awesome news on the home front. Numero uno: I got a little part time job working over at Fox Sports, helping out with their website. Crazy, stupid excited for this opportunity and can only mean good things for the future. Number two: If you will recall my last post about street snowboarding, one of the images of Ryan Paul was published in his home town’s newspaper. Check it out here. I know the shot is about the size of a penny, but I still think it’s dope and Ryan Paul, if you see it and you think it’s dope, holla at your girl. And most importantly if YOU like it  make sure to to follow me on twitter, like my page on facebook and if you have a blog on tumblr, make sure to follow my new blog and share my work with your friends on tumblr!

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One thought on “Perfect 100

  1. Hibari says:

    I love the Japanese snowboarders. They’ve got such sweet style. Also, that second shot of Shaun’s air is nuts! It just shows how much amplitude he has.

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