Street Cred

Happy Valentines Day everybody! Check out these shots from the snowboard street competition at Winter X Games 2012 in Aspen, CO.

Ryan Paul, another super hottie rockin the snow. Ryan landed a a backflip off a rail that you really have to see to believe to bring home the sliver

Ryan Paul with a wicked wall ride during finals.

Zak Hale watching the competition during finals.

Ethan Deiss killing it in finals.

I was super  into Ethan Deiss and his crazy dope jacket. Who knows where can I get one?

Dan Brisse shredding durring practice.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day filled with love, heart shaped pizza, and lots of chocolate! Still more to come from Winter X  so keep your eyes peeled. In the spirit of love make sure to to follow me on twitter, like my page on facebook and if you have a blog on tumblr, make sure to follow my new blog and share my work with your friends on tumblr!

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2 thoughts on “Street Cred

  1. […] opportunity and can only mean good things for the future. Number two: If you will recall my last post about street snowboarding, one of the images of Ryan Paul was published in his home town’s […]

  2. This is what i need. truely good work from you. regards and happiness

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