Those your Skis?

Both of them? Shots from Men’s and Women’s Ski SuperPipe at Winter X Games 2012 in Aspen, CO.

Justin Dorey about to drop into 567 feet of icy terror

Kevin Rolland has to be one of the most attractive men I have ever seen kill it on skis

If you needed an example of Kevin Rolland’s french alps wicked moves, here it is

David Wise, gold medalist, during qualifiers

David Wise at the end of one of his amazing runs during qualifiers

skis at the top of the pipe

Noah Bowman waiting for a score during qualifiers

Tucker Perkins celebrating after a dope run in finals

Anais Caradeux during women’s finals

Simon Dumont making it happen during pipe finals

Simon Dumont is actually a fire breathing dragon

Mike Riddle looks super stoked while I take his picture on the pipe

After these couple of winter events I have found a new respect for skiing. It is actually insanely dope and not just for hoity-toity old people. Keep in mind over these next few X Games posts that I am a huge Dumb and Dumber fan so there will be as many references as possible stuffed in there. Tune in next time for pictures from Snowboard Street. So stoked to share all of these shots with you!

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2 thoughts on “Those your Skis?

  1. Hibari says:

    Great shots. I love how vivid the colors are.

    Freeskiing is sort of like the winter version of aggressive in-line skating. People think it’s dorky because it’s not a board sport, but the athletes are just as hardcore.

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