I’m super stoked on these shots from Big Air, Vert, and Park Skateboarding. I’m sure you will be to!

Bob Burnquist after winning gold in Big Air.

Vert finals were absolutely insane! Shaun White is such an amazing athlete and competitor.

Adam Taylor during Big Air practice.

All of Raven Tershy’s runs in finals were out of this world. His amazing style and and flow are what helped him snag the gold in Park.

Sandro Dias warming up before Vert finals.

Shaun White watching the competition for the side line. Best seat in the house!

Edgard Pereira flying over the crowd during Big Air

Andy Macdonald riding hard in Park finals.


Such a gnarly dude! Jake Brown during Big Air finals.

Super cool dude and one of the raddest vert skaters that has ever lived: Bob Burnquist.

Andrew Langi skating in Park prelims.

Pedro Barros got some crazy air during Vert prelims, he is one to keep an eye on.

If you want the best of the best, here they are. Both legends in their own right: Shaun White and Bob Burnquist.

Bob Burnquist on his way to another gold in Big Air. The thing that most people don’t know about Bob is that he has a mega ramp in his backyard, so he gets to practice all year long. The other gnarly thing is that the mega ramp is gigantic! Something like seven stories tall, so not really your normal backyard decor.

Sandro Dias stoked on some major air during Vert prelims.

Reason #10000001 why Shaun White is bad ass and won gold in Vert. If I’m being real, I thought PLG was going to win for sure. Shaun was a serious clutch player and pulled it out in his last run.

Skating prodigy Mitchie Brusco dropping in on the Mega Ramp. Mitchie is only 14 and the youngest rider to ever land a 900.

Bob Burnquist holding on to that top spot for another year!

Hope you guys are still digging all my shots from X Games 17! I will be posting shots from Bmx Vert and Street very soon so keep an eye out for that and stay stoked!

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One thought on “Vertigo

  1. bost0nfire says:

    It’s amazing how big you have to go these days to win in the X-Games. Some seriously crazy stuff.. I love it! ..and your awesome photos!

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