Mucho Moto

Hope you’re ready for more Moto X! Check out these shots from Speed and Style, Moto X Freestyle, and Enduro X.Enduro X made its debut this year and it was most definitely an exciting new edition to the line up!

Nate Adams earning the gold in Moto X Freestyle.

Todd Potter back on top of the ramp after his first run in Freestyle.

Ricky Dietrich tearing up the course in Eduro.

Nate Adams scoping out the Staples Center before Freestyle.

Todd Potter throwing down his best tricks in Freestyle.

Adam Jones after his silver medal run in Freestyle

Maria Forsberg after wining gold in women’s enduro x.

Danny Torres riding to grab the bonze in Freestyle.

Ryan Rodgers before Enduro.

Nate Adams pulling out all the stops in Freestyle.

Nate Adams before winning gold in speed and style.

Nate Adams and his shiny new gold medal in Freestyle. Nate earned the gold in both Freestyle and Speed and Style.

Just a few more events to go and that’s all she wrote, folks! But don’t worry I have a lot more in the works. I am also stoked to announce that I am officially a college grad! My first week of post grad life has been amazing and I am so excited for what’s to come.

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2 thoughts on “Mucho Moto

  1. […] The first Freshly Pressed entry that caught my eye belonged to photographer Olivia Bush. She received recognition of her X Games skate practice shots. Now she’s got pictures of the motocross riders upside down, right side up, letting go of the bike, soaring through the obstacles, and resting comfortably on the bike. Check out her post, “Mucho Moto“. […]

  2. Hibari says:

    Congrats on finishing school! I really love these photos, especially the ones of Danny Torres and Todd Potter. You really see the commitment necessary for those tricks.

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