Playing Favorites

Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the events at X Games, but street skateboarding holds a special little place in my heart. Here are some of the shots from mens and women’s street!

Ryan Sheckler throwing down in prelims.

Paul ‘P-Rod’ Rodriguez is the only athlete to win consecutive gold in street in 2004 and 2005.

Nyja Huston blows me away every time I watch him ride. The gold this year was very much deserved.

Adam Dyet riding super hard in practice.

Ryan Sheckler waiting for his run during prelims

I was so stoked when Ryan Decenzo was first going into finals, so I was a little bummed when he came out in 5th. His last run in finals was literally one of the sickest runs I have ever seen.

Nyja Huston wall ride.

Luan Oliveira working for the silver.

Nyja Huston, Taylor Bingaman, Nick Merlino, and Adam Dyet during practice.

P-Rod durring practice.

Ryan Sheckler earning that bronze in the final.

See what I’m saying? Ryan Decenzo is too sick for words.

Luan Oliveira lighting up the finals

This much swag shouldn’t be legal without a permit.

Ryan Sheckler riding during prelims.

Switching up the editing on this shot of Adam Dyet, I thought it fit his style.

When I talked with Ryan Decenzo after the finals I felt like I was more pissed that he hadn’t medaled than he was. He was really gracious and a really nice guy. It was awesome that the next day he came back and won the game of sk8, but next year I believe he is going to make it happen in street.

Alexis Sablone won silver with some killer moves

Jessica Florencio during finals.

Leticia Bufoni stepping up to get bronze.

Leticia Bufoni on the podium.

Keep an eye out because I still have a lot of X Games left to show you and a whole bunch of other new stuff in the works!

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2 thoughts on “Playing Favorites

  1. pause says:

    P.R. … i love that skater..he is my favorite..

  2. maddy2u says:

    Brilliant work Olivia ! I like your choice of cover pic

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