The Only Good Kind of Skid Marks

I’m back on dry land and I hope you’re ready to hit the streets of LA for Rally! Shots from Rally Racing and Rally Cross.

Tanner Foust gearing up of Rally Cross. Foust finished 4th in Rally Racing and stepped it up in Rally Cross to snag the silver

Dillon Van Way tailed closely by David Higgins.

Dave Mirra, bmx legend turned top notch rally racer.

Marcus Gronholm blazing his way to silver in Rally Racing.

Ken Block waiting in his car before Rally Cross

Dillon Van Way speeding toward the finish during Rally Racing

Liam Doran the surprise Gold medalist in Rally Racing.

Liam Doran drifting around a corner. Right after snapping this I had to duck quickly so as to not get seriously injured by flying rocks. Pretty sure my camera is still covered in dirt.

Brian Deegan in his car before Rally Cross.

Deegan’s car getting some serious air over the jump to help him secure the gold in Rally Cross.

And let’s not forget about Travis Pastrana…

Elevating his broken foot before test driving his revamped rally car. He could only stand for a few minutes before he had to lie down. He told everyone “It hurts like hell when it’s below my heart” but he always had a smile on his face.

Travis’s hand on his reconstructed steering wheel. I’m no mechanic, but this is what I remember being told was done to Travis Pastrana’s rally car: since Travis couldn’t use his right foot to break, two paddles were installed on either side of the steering wheel. The right paddle was to be used for throttle, except when he used his right hand to shift, then throttle was controlled with the paddle on the left. I’m not sure where the break was then moved to or how Travis even remembered all of this stuff, but what I do know that he is a crazy man. Oh ya, don’t know if  you noticed, but the reason Travis’s hand is so swollen is because only a few weeks before he tore the ligaments in it while riding for Nitro Circus. No big deal.

One of Subaru’s mechanics teaching Travis how to drive his jerry-rigged car literally minutes before practice.

Travis out on the track for Rally Cross. He was driving amazingly during prelims and finals so it was a major bummer that after all the effort he wasn’t able to finish the race and placed sixth overall. I am still amazed that he was even able to compete. I said it once and I’ll say it again, Travis Pastrana is one of the most inspiring people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I cannot wait to see what he has up his sleeve next. After all the broken bones and torn ligaments are healed of course!

In other news, the week on the boat was nuts, I have one more class left in college, and life couldn’t be better!

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