Truth or Dhers: bmx park

Bmx park was all about two athletes: Daniel Dhers and Dennis Enarson. The finals were nuts and came down to a nail biting tie breaker where Dhers came out on top with some of the dopest tricks I have ever seen. Check out these shots from the bmx park competition!

One of my favorite shots of the weekend! Gary Young placed 5th overall and most definitely someone to keep an eye out for.

Daniel Dhers waiting to lay down a tasty run during prelims.

Dennis Enarson throwing down to earn the silver medal in a crazy tie breaker.

BMX legend Ryan Nyquist.

I’ve run out of ways to say that Daniel Dhers killed it. Too sick for words.

Kyle Baldock, another super dope new rider!

Scotty Cranmer was riding so hard it was absolutely insane! He more than earned that bronze medal.

Daniel Dhers showing his amazing style.

Mark Webb riding high. If you haven’t seen him in the Relentless Ride UK Ride to Glory video you are seriously missing out.

Kyle Baldock getting some sick air during prelims.

Daniel Dhers checking the score before lighting up the tie breaker.

Hope you all are enjoying the X Games from my point of view! For the next couple days I will be out on a boat trip and I will not be able to post more photos for a bit. Once I get back I should be all caught up editing and will have a whole bunch of new stuff from x, my underwater class, and some fashion stuff ready to post right away. So, most definitely look forward to all of that and don’t miss me too much!

Remember, you can still check out at many of my shots on the X Games facebook before I post them here. Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter, like my page on facebook, and check out my inspiration blog on tumblr!


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