Q and A

Before the games started, some of the athletes sat down to answer questions from the media about the games, the tricks, and crazy lives the athletes lead.

All of the big guns came out, from left to right: Carey Hart, Jamie Bestwick, Tanner Foust, Shaun White, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Sheckler, PLG, and Ashley Fiolek. An amazing group of athletes.

Pierre-Luc Gagnon, also known as PLG, got grilled about his rivalry with Shaun White on the vert ramp.

Shaun White answered questions about his acting debut in the film ‘Friends With Benefits’ and joked about how he sucks at skating when he starts back up after a long winter of snowboarding. Ya, I’ll believe that when I see it.

Ashley Fiolek definitely held her own in that group of dudes! She has certainly earned her spot with the greats, despite suffering a concussion during practice and not being able to race. Can’t wait to see her kill it next year!

Shawn White and Ryan Sheckler joking around before the press conference. This shot just makes me laugh, I couldn’t help but to put it up.

Tanner Foust took a break from hosting Top Gear to rip up the rally track.

Carey Hart came back to X Games this year to compete in Speed and Style after taking a short break from moto cross.

What a line up! Am I right? So much talent in one room is a little overwhelming! It was amazing to hear the athletes share their experiences and get the crowd pumped for the events to come.

SO much more action to come from X Games 17, its insane! I will start posting shots by event starting tomorrow, I promise!

In other news, this blog was featured in WordPress’s Freshly Pressed section! The response has been unbelievable! Thank you so much for all of the lovely, supportive comments and welcome all my new subscribers! You’re definitely in for a crazy ride. Another thank you most definitely has to go to the WordPress staff for liking my work enough to show it off!

Remember, you can still check out at many of my shots on the X Games facebook before I post them here. Also, don’t forget to follow me on twitter, like my page on facebook, and if you want to see where I get some of my inspiration from check out my blog on tumblr!

I am so stoked for things to come so make sure to keep an eye out!


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