X Games Venue

After a little rest, I got down to editing my shots from the weekend. I thought it would be cool if you could get to see a little bit of where the X Games go down just in case you couldn’t make it out to LA!

The park course

The street course was insane! It looked like a movie set and made for some of the dopest runs I’ve ever seen.

The vert ramp in the Nokia Theatre

The Staples Center set up for Moto X Step up. This is where all of the Moto X events were held and the course was changed each night for the different events the next day. It was amazing to see this place fill up.

The side of the mega ramp. This thing is massive!

And even more nuts from the top! Someone said It’s like seven stories tall.. I don’t know if that is right, but I believe it! Best view of LA you could ask for.


Check back in over the next couple days for more action!

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