Hey Everyone!

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted lately but I have a lot to update you on! Life is really amazing right now for a few reasons:

I walked in my college graduation from Brooks Institute surrounded by my family and best friends

It’s sort of a fluke because I am still a student for two more months… But this isn’t an issue because I am taking one of the coolest classes at Brooks for my last session:

The underwater class!! This is one of my very very first pictures using the underwater housing and I am so excited. Being able to take my camera in the water opens up a whole new world of creativity that I cannot wait to share. But that’s not it! Even though I’m still in school for a few a more months, I moved down to LA where I am working as a studio assistant  for Kevin Zacher, super sick photographer and overall rad dude. Make sure to stop by his website and check him out, he has some of the most amazing snowboarding stuff I have ever seen.

As for my photography, keep an eye on Inked Till Death. They will be posting a shoot I did with Rachel Sanz within the next couple weeks. After they post the shots I will make sure to put the pictures up here too. I will be doing my first shoot in LA tomorrow with one of my favorite girls, Jalanis Fishe, so keep an eye out for those as well!

Lots to be stoked on and so much more on the way!




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