Take Me to the River

So, friday was a crazy day… scratch that. The whole week was crazy and friday was the culmination of all of the insanity. I had Grad Review (for those of you not in the brooks bubble, grad review is the most terrifying event in your school career until you actually get through it and realize it wasn’t even bad at all. It is simply a set of interviews you must complete to see if you are prepared to graduate) in the morning and then a million other things to do including this lovely shoot in the afternoon.

We shot on the grounds of the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum which is absolutely gorgeous and on top of that I could not have asked for better weather. It was the perfect way to de-stress after a wild week.

I could not have done it with out the stunning Morgan, make up and hair by Crystal from Luna Bella , styling by Lynn Bagley, and jewelry made by my very own momma.

A huge thanks for putting up with me this week and helping me make this happen! Hope you enjoy!

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