Vans Am Pool Party

This weekend was pretty crazy for me. Super busy, no rest, and a whole lot of picture taking. On saturday I went down to Orange, CA to shoot the first Vans Amateur Pool Party. To those who aren’t familiar with skateboarding, this might sound strange. Pool and skating? But in the pool is actually where modern skateboarding was born with legends like Stacey Peralta, Jay Adams, and Tony Alva. If you haven’t you must watch the documentary Dog Town and Z-Boys now. Anyway, I digress, this event on Saturday was a showcase of the very best up and coming amateur vert skaters from around the world.

Riders Frank Schaffroth and Zane Timpson survey the territory before dropping in for warm ups. Legendary skater Christian Hosoi was only one of the top notch judges sitting across the pool.

11 year old Sector 9 rider Cory Juneau was absolutely amazing, one of the most talented riders at the competition. Cory was first going into finals, but ended up finishing in fourth place. He had a bad fall in his first run, and never quite recovered.

Globe rider Zane Timpson.

One of my favorite shots of the day. Haden Anderson McKenna, front side air.

Third place in the 15 and under category, Chris Russell shreds during finals.

This gigantic backside air shows exactly why Oakley rider Austin Poynter got first place in the 16 and up competition.

Solid hand plant by Madrid rider Shane Allison.

sick backside air by Zac Rose, third place finisher in the 16 and up division.

Second place, in 15 and under,  Clay Kreiner nailing an Indy 540 in the finals.

Zac Rose during warmups

Clay Kreiner nailing a monstrous backside air.

This shot is absolutely heartbreaking. Cory Juneau (the little one) was first going into finals, but Alex Sorgente (the one with the trophy) ended up taking first in the finals.

The athletes at this competition ranged from ten to twenty-seven and every single one of them ripped. I had so many shots it was almost impossible to narrow it down, I may post more if I get some time.

Things to look forward to:

Shots from local band Lovechild Zombie

Shots of my lovely friend miss Samantha Forcum

Website update

Shots from another week full of adventures!


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