No New Ideas

As some of you know, I’m taking a graphic design class right now and this week our assignment was to do a “phycological self portrait”. The basic idea was to use text and pictures together to convey a single message. The teacher showed us some examples in class, and they were all really dark and emotional, so I really just wanted to do something fun. I threw it together in a couple minutes before class started, and had no idea what sort of response it would get. So far the response has been pretty positive so I decided it was worthy to show the masses.

If you click on it, it will probably make it larger so you can see the detail. I had fun making it, so hopefully you will have fun looking at it!


One thought on “No New Ideas

  1. virgiinia Aeidman says:

    Very interesting. Are you going to have a reputation as the tongue sticking out photographer? Enough of that. Can we see some other faces of Olivia?

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