X Games 16

This weekend I got to go out to LA to help Bo Bridges shoot the X Games. It was amazing!  Here are some of my shots.

Ryan Sheckler Skate Street Prelims

Ryan Sheckler poppin out out of the coffee cup on the street course.

Ryan Decenzo

Rodolfo Ramos

Chaz Ortiz

Ryan Sheckler and Chaz Ortiz

Nayjah Huston

Flyin off the Mega Ramp at the Collisum

Men’s Super-X at the Collisum

Nate Adams Moto X Freestyle

The weekend was super insane and exciting, hope you guys enjoy the shots! Goin out to the Maloof Money Cup this weekend to shoot, it’s going to be awesome so stay tuned for those shots and much more in the next week!


2 thoughts on “X Games 16

  1. Sonja says:

    Love your pic’s! So proud of you Awesome job

  2. Virginia says:

    LOota sports that you love. Looks like fun for you. Are you getting the school assignments done, too? You look more professional each time we see your work.
    Love you
    Nana and Bubba

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